Your answers!

Your answers!

The Box office

Where can I buy my pass?

1- Online at :

  • Gala Access Pass
  • Regular Pass
  • Reserved seating

2- Couche-Tard (participating ones)

  • Regular pass


How much cost your different products?


From $64*.



Presale from may 15 to july 1 : $35*.

Regular price at $50*.



Starting at $10*.

*Service and royalty fees included. Taxes extra. Shipping charge extra.

The shows

Is there a minimum age to attend the shows?

There is no minimum age to attend the ComediHa! Fest-Québec. However, some performances are not recommended for children as they deal with subjects that are not suitable for all, therefore we leave this decision to parental discretion.

Exception: The XXX shows are reserved for audiences 18 years and older.

There are several consecutive performances in the same performance hall. Must the performance hall be emptied after each show and performance?

Yes, the halls will be emptied after each show to allow access to the new festival-goers who wish to attend the following show.

At what time the different sites open?

Doors open 30 minutes before a performance. Please note that door-opening times are subject to change without notice.

Shows that require the Regular Pass are offered as general admission, with first-come, first-served. Passes do not guarantee you a place. However, when purchasing your pass you can reserve your place for a fee of $10 to $20 + taxes.

The festival sites

People with reduced mobility. What to do?

In order to facilitate access for all festivalgoers attending ComediHa! Fest–Quebec, it is important to reserve seats for anyone with reduced mobility. Seat reservations are required for shows held at the two Chapiteaux locations, Impérial Bell, Palais Montcalm and Ha!ngar. Please contact us at 1-418-647-2525 local 0 to make your reservation. And please note that a pass is required and it will not be possible to access shows taking place on L’Autobus.

Are their food concession stands on site?

Like to laugh, like to eat?

We’re offering the chance stifle your laughter… with a corn cob in your mouth at the MiHa!M Québec. A corn roast reformulated as a “5 to 7” will take place every day. A different theme will be presented each day.

Is it possible to enter the performance halls with a backpack?

Bags are accepted in the performance halls, except the Impérial Bell.

They may be checked at the discretion of the on-site security guards.

Are the sites accessible for people with reduced mobility?

All the sites are accessible for people with reduced mobility, except the “Autobus”.

You can directly call to ComediHa!’s office to reserve your reduced mobility place.

Here’s the number : 418-647-2525 #0

Are there toilets on the premises?

Yes, public toilets are available on the outdoor sites, as well in most performance halls.

Must I pay to enter the outdoor sites?

Admission to the Village George V and Village Pigeonner is free.

However, you must have your Regular pass to get in the venues of the Village George V.

Can I bring my dog to the exterior sites?

Dogs are strictly prohibited in the performance halls, with the exception of Mira dogs. However, dogs are welcome on the exterior sites.

Can I bring food to the sites?

Drinks sold on site and the outdoor sites are the only ones allowed in the performance halls. All glass containers, liquor, juice and alcohol are strictly forbidden. Food is strictly forbidden in the performance halls.

What are the objects that are allowed and not allowed at the festival sites?


Non-professional cameras
Bicycle helmet
Guide dog
Backpacks and small bags (All bags and small bags will be searched)
Soft cushion
Cushions with folders
Stroller for child


Professional cameras
Animals (except guide dog)
Weapons and blunt objects
Stick, ball and balloons of all kinds
Bottles and containers made of glass
Alcoholic beverages
Rifle with water
Coolers, thermos
Large backpack, camping gear
Musical instruments and megaphone
Laser pointer
Skateboard wheel
Audio recorder
Umbrellas (any size)
Items for sale / promotion without a written and signed permission of the ComediHa! Test-Québec team.

Anything that could be a danger to the safety of other festival-goers (staff gives themselves the right to judge what is not tolerable on the sites)

How do you access the outdoor Village?

The access to Village George V and Village pigeonner, is open, with free admission for the public. However, to access the venues on Village George V, it requires a Regular Pass.

About ComediHa!

ComediHa! is an important creator of comedy content on multiple broadcast platforms, including “live” and television. ComediHa! is one of the world’s most influential leaders in the various communities of comedy both among artisans and the general public. The passion of our 60 full-time employees and 1,400 freelancers helps “make people laugh around the world”. ComediHa!, 1 clown in charge, more than 20 artists managed, 1 performance hall, 3 offices (Quebec, Montreal and Los Angeles), more than 25 million dollars in sales figures, more than 1 million social media followers, more than 50 million television viewers in Canada, more than 100 million around the world, more than 3,000 shows, more than 500 television programs, products in more than 100 countries, a major festival in August in Quebec, 5 associated festivals around the world.