ComediHa! Club Best of

Animé par Billy Tellier


August 16


Impérial Bell

Already a well-established tradition in Quebec, the popular ComediHa! Club evening continues within the framework of the festival to offer its “best of” edition.

Hosted by Billy Tellier

Prized as a writer, Billy Tellier has written several editions of the Artis and Les Olivier Galas, as well as many one-man shows. Until the launch of his next show, presently being written, we can hear Billy on the airwaves of the CKOI morning show, “Debout les comiques!”.  

Guest : Pierre Bruno Rivard

Regular pass required.

  • Les invités

  • Hosted by : Billy Tellier

    Hosted by : Billy Tellier

  • Guest star : Pierre Bruno Rivard

    Guest star : Pierre Bruno Rivard

  • Pascal Cameron

    Pascal Cameron

  • Octave Savoie Lortie

  • Julien Dionne

    Julien Dionne

  • Alexandre Forest

  • Christine Morency

    Christine Morency

  • JC Surette

    JC Surette

  • Samuel Cyr

  • Kev Adams

    Kev Adams