The Big 45

Jess Salomon


09 août


Cube - Village George V


En anglais s’il vous plaît! Le ComediHa! Fest –Québec pense aux amateurs d’humour anglophones et t’invite à assister à un spectacle de 45 et 60 minutes avec des artistes talentueux. C’est encore mieux que sur Netflix et nous, on paye nos taxes.

Jess Salomon is a Canadian comedian who recently made the move to New York with her Muslim wife because she has excellent comedic timing. 

Since making the move to the USA, Jess was selected to be a 2017 StandUP NBC finalist and had her stand up featured on SiriusXM’sRaw Dog. She’s done lots of cool festivals in America like the Laughing Skull Festival, San Francisco Sketch Fest and the Boston Comedy Festival. 

In Canada, she’s been in Just for Laugh’s OFF JFL, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the YYComedy Festival and the Edmonton Comedy Festival as well as on CBC’s “The Debaters”. Her stand up has aired on CBC Television and can be heard on SiriusXM’s “Canada Laughs” and CBC’s “LOL”. 

As an Anglo-Montrealer, Jess has also performed in French at Le Bordel Comédie Club , Saint CiboireAbreuvoir and last year’s Fiert éMontr é al. She’s even ventured to Drummondville and 

Trois- Rivières where she opened for Mariana Mazza. And venturing even farther, this past year, Jess was part of the YYComedy Festival’s first French language show in Calgary! 

Fun fact: before comedy Jess used to be a U.N. war crimes lawyer. The jury is still out on whether this was a good move. 

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