Box Office

What are the prices for the different accesses?

  • The Glasses Pass: $60 +tax
  • 1 reservation for a show in the ComediHa! Fest-Québec lineup (excluding the Galas ComediHa! and the Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa!): $10 +tax
  • 1 Gala ComediHa! ticket or Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! (which includes 1 Glasses Pass per ticket) : starting at $69

Service and delivery charges and taxes may apply.

Access to the Fest is free for children aged 12 and under. When a holder of a Glasses Pass reserves a seat and plans to be accompanied by a child, he or she must notify the Fest staff by calling 418-647-2525 or by e-mail: billetterie@comediha.com

What is the limit of items per transaction in the online ticketing system?

For the Galas ComediHa! or Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! : The limit is 12 tickets per transaction. In order to prevent resale, beyond this number, you must contact us at 418-647-2525 to complete the transaction.

For the Glasses Pass : The limit is 4 Glasses Passes per transaction. Beyond this quantity, several transactions must be made in order to respect the additional delivery charges that apply due to the weight of the package.

For seat reservation : For each Glasses Pass, the limit is 1 reserved seat per performance. It is possible to book multiple seats for the same performance only if you hold more than one Glasses Pass, using each of the personalized codes associated with the Glasses Passes. You will receive theses codes by email following the online purchase or activation of you Glasses Passes.

What is a Glasses Pass?

The Glasses Pass is the official pass of ComediHa! Fest-Québec. They are sold at $60 + tax each.

What do I have access to with the Glasses Pass?

The Glasses Pass gives you access to more than 350 indoor shows in the Village Pigeonnier and Village Vidéotron, the privileged zone in front of the Loto-Québec stage in the Village D’Youville, as well as shows at the Théâtre Petit Champlain, the Grand Théâtre de Québec, the Palais Montcalm and the Sylvain-Lelièvre hall at Cégep Limoilou.

In addition to indoor shows, your Glasses Pass offers you many benefits, contests and freebies.

Please note: the Glasses Pass does not give access to the ComediHa! Galas or the Happy Birthday ComediHa! Evening.

What are the advantages of the Glasses Pass?

  • Free Corn on the Cob Happy Hour at MiHa!M every day of the Festival
  • Access to the privileged zone of the Loto-Québec stage for the ComediHa! 20 Years Evenings at the Village D’Youville
  • The chance to win a trip for two to Vancouver, including transportation and accommodation, worth $15,000 and provided by VIA Rail
  • Discount on MiHa!M beverages and food
  • Access to the Zipline and many other participatory activities

And much more!

Where can I get my Glasses Pass?

You can get your Glasses Pass from our Box Office online, or by phone at 418 647-2525 ext. 117. Beware of resale sites! We are not responsible for purchases made on sites other than ComediHaFest.com.

Box Offices on site

ComediHa! Fest-Québec Box Offices, located in the Vidéotron and D’Youville Villages, will be open from 5 p.m. on August 7. The Village Vidéotron Box Office will be open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Wednesday to Friday, and from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. The one in the Village D’Youville will be open from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday.

What is the Box Offices schedules?

Online Box Office: available 24/7 on our website.

By phone, 418-647-2525: between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Monday to Friday).

Billetteries physiques des Villages Vidéotron et D’Youville: From 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Wednesday to Friday) and from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday) from August 7th.

Palais Montcalm (Galas Tickets): From 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Galas evenings only.

How do I get my personalized code?

To get your personalized code, you must activate your Glasses Pass. Then you will receive an email with your unique personalized code that allows you to make the seat reservation to ensure you a seat at the shows you really don’t want to miss.

Steps for activating the Glasses Pass:

  • You bought your Glasses Pass online? Good news! Your Glasses Pass is already activated. Within 24 to 48 hours of purchase, a personalized code used for seat reservation will be sent to you.
  • You bought your Glasses Pass in a Jean Coutu store or you won them in a contest? You must go to https://activationcomediha.laissezpasser.net/ and enter the 8-digit code found on your Glasses Pass and the 5-digit security code following this code.
  • Can’t find the personalized code you received by email after these steps? Contact us at billetterie@ComediHa.com to get it.

Why activate my Glasses Pass?

To protect your Glasses Pass and participate in our contests! The activation of the Glasses Pass allows them to be replaced if they are broken, lost or stolen. Some conditions apply. Activate your Glasses Pass now.

When will I receive my Glasses Pass and my reserved seats?

The sending of Glasses Passes and seat reservations begins on July 17.

Online purchase before July 23rd guarantees delivery before the beginning of the Fest. Orders placed after this date will be retrievable at one of the Fest Box Offices, as we cannot guarantee that purchases made after this date will be delivered on time. Our Box Offices are located in the Village Vidéotron and Village D’Youville.

Does the Glasses Pass give access to all the shows?

The ComediHa! Glasses Pass give you access to all the shows in the lineup, except for the Galas ComediHa! and the Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa!, which are sold separately.

Please note: the purchase of a Gala ticket or a Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! ticket includes the Glasses Pass, which allows you to attend all the other shows in the lineup.

What are the reserved seats for?

Reserving your seat ensures you a place at the show of your choice and avoids lining up. The reserved seat is general admission, on a first come, first served basis (without assigned seating). In the event that the show is sold out, you are guaranteed to attend, thanks to your reserved seat.

How to obtain a reserved seat?

Reserved spaces are sold at $10 +tax each. To place a seat reservation, you must have your Glasses Pass and your personalized code on hand. Can’t find your personalized code anymore? To retrieve your personalized code you can go back to the question “How do I get my personalized code?”

Steps to book a seat:

Go to the Fest Lineup page and select the show for which you would like to obtain a reserved seat. On the show sheet, click on the “Reserve your seat” button. Enter your personalized code and follow the payment steps.

You must take the same steps for each of the shows for which you want a reserved seat.

What are the Galas ComediHa! and the Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa!?

The Galas ComediHa! and the Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! are shows hosted by comedians from here and abroad, accompanied by their guests. The shows take place during the Fest and are accessible with the purchase of a Gala or Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! ticket. The price of a ticket starts at $69.

What can I access with a Gala ticket or Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! ticket?

The purchase of a Gala ticket gives access to one of the 6 Galas or the Happy Birthday ComediHa! Evening depending on the chosen date.

Please note: the purchase of a Gala ticket or the Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! ticket includes the Fest Glasses Pass, which allows you to attend all the other shows in the lineup.

Where can I buy a Gala ComediHa! ticket or Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! ticket?

Online: right here.

At Palais Montcalm ticket office: from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Galas evenings only.

When and how will I receive my Gala ComediHa! ticket and/or Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! ticket?

Delivery by mail of a Gala ComediHa! ticket or Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! ticket is mandatory, as the Glasses Pass is included with the purchase of a ticket. Gala ComediHa! tickets or Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! tickets are sent by mail starting July 17 and reception is guaranteed before the event. For orders placed after July 23rd, we cannot guarantee delivery before the event. You will therefore have to pick up your purchase on site at one of the Fest Box Offices located in Village Vidéotron and Village D’Youville.


When does ComediHa! Fest-Québec take place?

The Fest will take place from Wednesday, August 7 to Sunday, August 18. The Village Pigeonnier and the Village Vidéotron are accessible from Wednesday to Friday starting at 5 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays starting at 2 p.m. The Village D’Youville is open from 6:30 pm from Wednesday to Sunday.

How to attend a show on the program?

All indoor shows require a Glasses Pass. All you have to do is arrive early at the venue where the show you want to attend is presented. Indoor seating is limited and is allocated on a “first come, first served” basis. However, with the personalized code associated with your Glasses Pass, it is possible to secure a seat and avoid the lineup by booking a seat online at a cost of $10 + tax.

It is mandatory to purchase a ticket to attend any of the Galas ComediHa! or the Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! as they are not included in the shows offered with the Glasses Pass.

Please note: the purchase of a ticket for a Gala or the Soirée Bonne Fête ComediHa! includes the Fest Glasses Pass, which allows you to attend all the other shows in the program.

Access to the Soirées 20 ans ComediHa! in the public area is free and does not require a Glasses Pass. A privileged area near the stage is reserved to holders of Glasses Pass.

How early should I arrive before a show?

Doors open 30 minutes before each show, but this may be subject to change without notice. Unless you have purchased a reserved seat, the “first come, first served” formula is applicable for all shows. We therefore advise you to arrive between 30 and 60 minutes in advance and, while waiting, take the opportunity to eat, drink and play on the MiHa!M terrace, located in the Village Vidéotron.

Procedure between shows in the same venue


After each show, all spectators must leave the venue to allow festival-goers arriving for the next show to have access to a seat.

What are the free activities on site?

Free activities during ComediHa! Fest-Québec:

  • Experience in each of the three Villages;
  • The ComediHa! 20 Years Evenings, which will take place on the Loto-Québec stage of the Village D’Youville on August 8, 9, 10, 10, 14, 15 and 16 at 9 pm;
  • The Live Jukebox presented by Cascades at the Village Vidéotron;
  • The Tim Hortons LOL Screen:) at la Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale;
  • Access to MiHa!M: Eat. Drink. Play. at Village Vidéotron.

Please note: A privileged zone has been created for Glasses Pass holders for the Soirées 20 ans ComediHa!.


Where does ComediHa! Fest-Québec take place?

The Fest comes to life in several sites across Québec City.

At Village Pigeonnier: Adjacent to the Grande Allée, in the Parc de la Francophonie, which includes the Grand Chapiteau, Le Bus, Le Cube and the Zipline.

At Village Vidéotron: At Place Georges-V, which includes the Live Jukebox, the MiHa!M terrace, the Grand Chapiteau and the Ha!ngar.

In Village D’Youville: At Place D’Youville, which includes the Loto-Québec Stage, its Privileged Zone and its Public Zone.

The Fest also continues in several theatres: Théâtre Petit Champlain on rue du Petit Champlain, Grand Théâtre de Québec, Palais Montcalm and salle Sylvain-Lelièvre at Cégep Limoilou.

Access to the villages and MiHa!M is free for all – allowing passers-by to stroll through the streets among the colours of the Fest and enjoy an extraordinary experience for free.

At what times can I access the different sites?

  • Village Pigeonnier, Village Vidéotron and MiHa!M: 5 pm to 11pm (Wednesday to Friday), 2 pm to 11 pm (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Village D’Youville: 6:30 pm to 11 pm (Wednesday to Sunday).
  • Theatres: 30 minutes before the show. Due to the limited capacity of the rooms, your Glasses Pass does not guarantee a seat. However, it is possible to book a place for the shows of your choice for the amount of $10 +tax using your personalized code.

Where to stay and how to get around the sites?

Several hotels are close to the ComediHa! fest-Québec sites. To find the best accommodations, ways to get around and parking near the sites, go to our Transportation and Accommodation page.

Where to eat nearby?

Go to the MiHa!M to eat, drink and play on our ephemeral terrace at the Village Vidéotron. The MiHa!M brings freshness to the forefront of its menu! Every day, enjoy the offering of food that includes grilled meats, smoked meats, vegetarian dishes and fresh local produce. Restaurant owners will be there, including Le Boucan, Les Faux Bergers, La Bûche, Chez Victor, Yuzu and many more.

For drinks, lemonade baths will be installed and an alcoholic slush bar will be available. Spirits, wine and microbrewery beers will be available on site. A new feature this year, the “Cocktail fraîcheur” station by Le Grand Marché de Québec that allows you to flavour your drink yourself and add life to your unique cocktail!

Glasses Pass holders enjoy free corn every day during happy hour on the MiHa!M’s terrace.

Opening hours: From 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Wednesday to Friday, and from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Are there toilets on site?

Public toilets are available in the Village Pigeonnier, Village Vidéotron and Village D’Youville as well as in all theatres.

Is there a place to fill water bottles?

Yes, water fountains will be installed at Village Vidéotron and Village D’Youville to fill your water bottle free of charge. Canteens and plastic bottles are accepted.

Are chairs accepted on Festival sites?

Chairs are not accepted on the Fest sites unless otherwise specified.

Are there locker-rooms on the Festival sites?

No. Please refer to the list of prohibited items so that you don’t have anything confiscated.

Are there ATM machines on the sites?

Yes, ATM machines will be available on the sites. In addition, food concessions and bars will accept cash and card payments.

Can I bring food to the sites?

Drinks sold in the halls and outdoor sites are the only ones accepted in the halls. All glass containers (liquor, juice and alcohol) are strictly prohibited. Food is allowed on the terrace of outdoor sites, but is strictly prohibited in all performance halls.

What is the minimum age to attend the Fest shows?

There is no minimum age to participate in ComediHa! Fest-Québec. However, some shows are not recommended for children as they may cover some topics that are not suitable for everyone. We leave the decision to the discretion of the parents.

Exception: XXX Show is reserved for 18 years old and over, and Piment fort is not recommended for minors.

Are backpack and bags allowed?

Bags are accepted in the performance halls but can be checked at any time by security guards on site.

Can I bring my dog to outdoor sites?

Dogs are accepted at the outdoor sites. However, they are strictly prohibited in theatres, with the exception of guide dogs.

Are the rooms accessible to people with reduced mobility?

All our rooms are accessible to people with reduced mobility except for the Bus. One escort is allowed at no extra cost.

In order to facilitate access to shows for all ComediHa! Fest-Québec festival-goers, people with reduced mobility must make a seat reservation to attend the indoor shows. Contact 1-418-647-2525 ext. 0 to make the reservation.

What are the items prohibited in the Festival's performance halls?

  • Chair
  • Any type of amateur or professional camera
  • Animals (except a guide dog)
  • Weapons and blunt objects
  • Any type of stick, ball or balloon
  • Bottles or glass containers
  • Cans
  • Any alcoholic beverage
  • Drugs (except medications)
  • Water guns
  • Cooler, thermos
  • Large backpack, camping equipment
  • Musical instrument or megaphone
  • Laser pointer
  • Meals
  • Skateboard
  • Audio recorder
  • Umbrella
  • Item intended for sale/promotion without written and signed permission from ComediHa! Fest-Québec.

Any item that could pose a danger to the safety of other spectators (staff have the right to judge what is not tolerable on the sites).

I lost or found an object on the sites. Where is the Lost&Found located?

Visit our ticket offices located at Village Vidéotron and Village D’Youville during business hours. The found objects will be kept there for 48 hours, then it will be possible to pick them up at the ComediHa! Group reception desk located at 214, avenue St-Sacrement, Suite 130 (Entrance 3), Québec (Québec) G1N 3X6.